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Arcade Attack Radio - Dylan’s Driving Mix - Feat. Lotus 2, Streets of Rage 2 & Street Fighter 2

February 6, 2020

Wanna hear Dylan's attempt at winging a music podcast? Well, here ya go! Months have passed since Keith's amazing Mega Drive/Genesis Boss music podcast so Dyl took it upon himself to put together his favourite retro gaming tracks for those drives down to the shops.

He talks a bit, you're probably not going to learn much about the games chosen (Lotus 2, SoR 2, SF2, Sonic 3, Devil May Cry etc...) but you will learn how trying to put one of these together can turn retro gaming podcasters insane. Enjoy!

Gaming Muso's album link -

Dylan going bad acapella (SoR 2) here and with Adrian (SF2) here! You have been warned!

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