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Australian Retro Gaming Takeover! Feat. Since Spacies, Sega Master Tim & The Top Loader

August 27, 2020

This has been a long (ish) time coming. Covid poses its own problems but it also opens up new opportunities. We invited three of our mates from the other side of the world - ...Since Spacies (Brian); Sega Master Tim (Tim); and The Top Loader (Todd) - to do battle with us over the airwaves. Well, not quite...

The boys join Ade and Dylan for a chat about SEGA, Nintendo, Brian and Tim working for the SEGA Hotline, what collecting means to us, why heart attacks are bad, Aussie slang (we're sure Adrian is NOT a drongo) and a few subjects we always cover on AA. Yeah, you know the ones! So sit back and enjoy a whopping two-hour chat with Australia's finest.

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...Since Spacies

Top Loader


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