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Our Top 25 SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Games - Feat. Sonic 2, Golden Axe & Streets of Rage

July 23, 2020

Enjoy our rundown of the top 25 SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis video games ever released. From Sonic 2 to Street Fighter, Gunstar Heroes to Shinobi. Plus a few strange choices to get your blood boiling. We expect nothing less than an almighty ton of vitriol from you and the entire retro gaming community!

Our Amiga Top 25 went so well we thought we'd do it again with our favourite console and without Tim's "lovely and highly complex algorithm", it could have gone better... But kudos to Adrian for coming up with a (tweaked a bit by Dylan, so let's blame him) way of taking Ade's, Rob's, Tim's, Keith's, Faith's, Chris's and Dylan's top 10 MD/Genesis games and compiling this list.

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