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SEGA Roundtable Chat - Feat. Michael Latham (SEGA Producer & Creator of Eternal Champions)

December 10, 2020

Eternal Champions & Virtua Fighter - just two of the iconic games Michael Latham helped create while being a producer at SEGA. He is back and ready to share loads of new stories and his views on SEGA today and in its glory days! The Arcade Attack boys are back and ready to celebrate everything SEGA! Plus, with a very special guest to help keep us all in check!

For our 199th episode we thought it only right to wax lyrical about our favourite ever video game company - SEGA.

Favourite SEGA consoles, favourite games, favourite arcade games, memories - it's all here, for two whole hours! Ex-SEGA supremo (and, amazingly, AA fan) Michael Latham kindly joined us to join in the fun and tell us more than a few amazing stories from the company's golden era. He also sends a volley back at Mac Senour for some comments he made in a recent interview. Let the SEGA fest commence!

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