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Sound Test Vol. 4 - Halloween Special!

October 27, 2021

He's only gone and done another one! Our Keith's on a roll! Halloween/horror themed goodness for you this week, from Master System and NES old skool classics to CD-quality (yes, I used that term) PS2 and PS3 modern-day classics. Listen and enjoy the surprises or scroll below to see the credits. Happy Halloween! Or whatever folk usually say this time of year, I dunno.

Master of Darkness – 1993 – Yoko Wada, Takashi Horiguchi
Clock Tower – 1996 – Kouji Niikura
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood – 1993 – Akira Souji, Keizo Nakamura, Tomoko Sano, Mikio Saito
Sweet Home – 1989 – Junko Tamiya
Splatterhouse 2 – 1992 – Eiko Kaneda
Resident Evil – 1996 – Makoto Tomozawa, Koichi Hiroki, Masami Ueda
Silent Hill – 1999 – Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2 – 2001 – Akira Yamaoka
The Last of Us – 2013 – Gustavo Santaolalla
Bioshock – 2007 – Garry Schyman
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön – 1937 – performed by The Andrews Sisters. English Music and Lyrics by Sammy Cahn and Saul Chaplin (original Yiddish version by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda)
System Shock 2 – 1999 – Josh Randall, Ramin Djawadi, Eric Brosius 

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