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The Weirdest Retro Gaming Merchandise & Accessories Ever Sold

April 30, 2020

Resident Evil 2 candles that smell of rotting flesh, Royal Mail stamps based on the UK's most popular video games such as Worms and Sensible Soccer and a blue Sonic curry! We cover all these and lots more in our rundown of some of the craziest gaming merchandise ever released.

Don't worry, this one (and next week's pod) were recorded in a much simpler time. A time when people could hang out in the same room and smell rotting flesh, courtesy of Keith's REmake 2 candle!

Dylan invites the gang to discuss the weird and wacky merchandise available for us retro gaming lovers; Royal Mail's UK-dev gaming tribute and what weird AA merchandise could look like. And in the meantime we've teamed up with the amazing Seven Squared to bring you the official AA tee which you can check out here:

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